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Maternity Care

 One of the unique ministries here at Georgia Baptist Children's Home is our Maternity Program - an outreach to unwed teen mothers. This is a residential program that gives these young mothers-to-be a safe place to live while receiving medical care, spiritual counseling, parenting classes, continuing education and most importantly - HOPE.

Some of the girls in this program come to us because they've made some bad choices. Some come to us because they were given no choice. No matter what their circumstances, we welcome all of these young ladies into our home and hearts and help them begin rebuilding their lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

We have the capacity to serve eight residents.  Services offered to the young mothers through the maternity program include: Residential care, Social Work Services, Spiritual Counseling, Psychological Counseling, Psychiatric Services, Prenatal Care, Delivery at Piedmont-Fayette, Child birth classes, Parenting Skill training, Adult living skills, Individualized Education Program.



Prenatal Services

  • On-going prenatal examinations during pregnancy

  • Medical care at time of delivery, including hospitalizations and nursing care where indicated

  • Dental examination and treatment as needed

  • Paramedical services including nursing, nutrition and health education

  • Parenting skills training through Douglas County Pregnancy Resource Center

  • Each resident is provided a pregnancy calendar so they may mark their progress and read corresponding information


Counseling Services

  • Licensed clinical psychologist provides individual therapy sessions

  • Individual and Group Counseling are provided by the social worker

  • Adoption referrals/counseling are available to the residents by the social worker


Educational Services

  • High school accredited instruction and G.E.D. preparation is provided through local schools and the Arwood Malcolm Education Center on Campus

  • G.E.D. class instruction offered through Coweta County Education Services

  • Additional tutoring is provided as needed                   

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