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Good Shepherd Residential Center


This 303-acre farm serves as a haven to many who have come here. Good Shepherd provides residential care to troubled adolescent boys through a unique farm-based treatment program. These boys are given a chance to start a new life built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

Each boy is cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually. We provide counseling, social services, and address their academic needs. Each resident is responsible for helping on the farm by caring for a horse. Their day starts off by feeding and caring for "their" horse. Quite often, these boys who have difficulty connecting with another person develop a bond with the horse which is often their first step to healing.             


- On-site Social Workers to provide counseling and social services

- Spiritual Counseling and Care

- Emphasis on Education through on-campus school and local community schools

- Additional tutoring is provided as needed

- Positive extracurricular activities through local churches and community groups

- On-going love, care and support to give each child Hope and the strong foundation of Jesus Christ


390 Bar Rest Ranch Road
Warm Springs, GA 31830-2418
(706) 655-2354

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