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Family Care Program

At Georgia Baptist Children's Homes, we recognize that there are mothers trying desperately to keep their families together despite incredible odds. In 2014, we started our Family Care Program - to assist families who have experienced homelessness and/or domestic violence.


Our goal is to minister to these women and children to help them find a safe place to begin a new life.


Once the family comes into the program, our staff works with them to create a plan of care, so the moms will know what steps they need to take to establish a new life for their family. We encourage them through devotionals and Bible studies and work to connect them with local churches. Our staff helps them identify temporary resources that can help them with food and medical care.

We have an outside agency that volunteers with the mothers to help them draft resumes and prepare for job interviews. For those who need it, we help them complete their GED and even apply to local technical schools.  Once the women find employment and start working they are required to put 20% of their earnings in an emergency savings fund for the family.

This program doesn't just impact the women and children it serves - it impacts the whole community, by helping these families become self-sufficient, productive members of society.  A strong community is built on the strengths of its families and we are thankful God has allowed us to build stronger communities through ministering to these families.

We are currently looking for individuals who can provide classes and continuing education to these mothers including:

  • Housekeeping

  • Cooking

  • Budgeting

  • Dress for Success

  • Job Skills

If you can provide classes or skill training, please call us at 770-463-3800 and we'll connect you with the closest location.

If you know a family that might be in need of these services, please call our Central Intake at: 1-888-545-8299.

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