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Child Placement

Georgia Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministries offers a variety of programs for youth ages 6 - 21. Candidates for admission may be referred by The Department of Family and Children Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Community Services Boards, parents,church pastors, physicians, psychiatric hospitals, schools, juvenile court judges, and other appropriate social service agencies.


Referrals should include*:

  • Psychological Evaluation (within 2 years)

  •  Psychosexual Evaluation (if applicable)

  •  Social Summary

  •  Education Records (including current IEP/ report card)

  •  Court Order for Custody

  •  Commitment Order

  •  Juvenile Court Records (if applicable)

  •  Copy of current Medicaid/Insurance Card

  •  Discharge Summaries from Previous Placements/Hospitalizations  


*Please note that additional information as required will be requested when/if the candidate is accepted for placement.



For more information on placing a child at Georgia Baptist Children's Home, please contact:


Kimber Scott, Program Coordinator                           

Central Intake




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