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ASCEND Program

The ASCEND Program provides residential care to children and youth with a developmental disability along with a mental health diagnosis in need  of residential care.

The program is located on our Pine Mountain Campus in Meansville, GA. Currently, the program consists of two cottages, a boy's and a girl's cottage, which can serve up to six children each. 

Residents in this program, who are between 12-21 years old, will learn independent living skills, such as cooking skills, household skills and how to access community resources. They will also be taught individual care skills, like personal hygiene, social skills, fine motor development, and alternative communication skills and resources for the non-verbal residents.  The skills taught will be based on the child's individual needs.  The children will attend local public school and receive additional services through on-site counseling, therapy and support.

Through the use of empirically based methods, the ASCEND program's goal is to shape positive behavior change,  ultimately helping youth to successfully transition back into the community and achieve greater independence.


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